We have worked closely with Clifton Buying Group over the past 12 years.

The company initially assisted with the supply of our 15 Contract Catering units in the North West, as well as supplying our Hotel and Coffee Shops in Southport. As our company grew to over 100 units, they still continued with the same personal service. This was in spite of Clifton’s own massive growth. This is the longest period I have personally been associated with any company.

Clifton have always been proactive and professional in their approach to meeting our joint objectives and both companies have financially benefited from their endeavours.

I would be pleased to provide a supplier reference for them at any time.

Steve Davies
Operations Manager
Mellors Catering Services Ltd


We at the UK Holiday Group who run a chain of hotels have been dealing with the Clifton Buying Group for some time now, previous to this we were dealing with Clifton Quality Meats for about eight years.

I have always found Clifton to be co-operative, helpful, and great value for money. They have always managed to source certain items for menus and products for hotels.

I would recommend Clifton to anyone who is not using a buying group and those who are they need to consult with Clifton who will be able to help them.

Andrew R Peck MIH
Hotel Group Operations Manager


Moving our purchasing function to Clifton Buying Group has been the best decision we have ever made. They have taken the headache away of having to deal with different suppliers. From their network of suppliers they have negotiated competitive pricing and their uniform approach to ordering has enabled our staff to concentrate their time in doing what they do best, running successful Safehands businesses. All in all a win win situation for Safehands.

Paul Manning

Managing Director
Safehands Care Ltd


I have worked with Clifton Quality Meats and now Clifton Buying Group for more than 8 years and find their dedication to Customer service second to non. It is their intimate knowledge of the supply chain that allows them to act in the best interest of their customers and supply partners.

Les Summers

Four Seasons Health Care




As part of our on-going drive for commercial excellence, Anchor wanted to maximise use of local and regional supplier’s; however, administration costs, inconsistent pricing and the disproportionate amount of resource required to manage our goal appeared to be a major impediment to success.

In April 2011 with your offer of local and regional suppliers and central administration, we took the decision to utilise the services of Clifton Buying Group. The partnership now in its second year of trading has been a success. I am delighted to report that Clifton Buying Group continue to provide an excellent level of service, continue to meet our commercial criteria; a quality product, business efficiency that significantly has reduced cost, together with a service that is prompt, reliable and sensitive to our business needs.

On the back of this achievement and Clifton Buying Group’s success in our recent tender exercise, we were delighted to award Clifton Buying Group with the contract for our produce, bakery & dairy supply from April 2012. With the Clifton Buying Group covering meat, dairy, bakery and fresh produce across the UK with a centralised administration facility, it is the ideal solution for our commercial and purchasing needs.

Sean Wheatley

Procurement Manager

Anchor Trust